Reflection – Week Fifteen

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Our examination for Technology Education is on 06 December 2013. So far,I do not read anything yet T_____T. But, I am being updated to our Teslian’s group in Facebook because some of us trying to find/seek some useful information to prepare for this subject. Thanks to them. We managed to find last year paper and some notes to read. There are more to go, insyaAllah 🙂

So, overall, it is not just an individual preparation. We were sharing any information that we’ve got. Sharing is caring right ^_____^

Maybe after this, I’m going to re-read my blog, the lecturer’s blog and some friends’ blog to get some input because our blog reflect what we had learnt all this time in class. So, it is quite important to remind me back what actually we had go through along the lessons. Now, I realize how  important the individual and group’s reflection blog. 🙂

I think that’s all as I am not prepare so much yet. Thank you.


Reflection- Week Sixth

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

So,two days left before our final exam for this course. Kinda worry, well I think I should worried because of my bad performance especially for the blog. I know it is hard for me to get a good grade now for this course. It my own fault for not being serious and always procrastine T____T. Now, I just hope that I pass the subject. Pass, aameen. In overall, as I mentioned in my previous reflection ( EduTech Day reflection ) I felt so great learning those software in the class such as video editing and adobe photoshop. The project given also very interesting because the ideas not limited to Technology’ themes. What I meant here is we could also make a video about social issues, religion and culture. This somehow helps us in making our video production quite easy to do. I cannot imagine if we were asked to do something that related to technology. For the person like me who is not really exposed to the latest technology, it might be hard. But, alhamdulillah..we did a good job. This is not solely because I think that our video is good or something like that but the teamwork shown by every members was so great. 😀 It bonds our relationship stronger than before and honestly sharing some moment together make me knew them more. I was so happy and enjoyed this course very much that I think  I want to make some videos like this to give an awareness to people out there. Maybe in other issues.

So, for me, this course taught me many things that we can applied in our life. Even we still a student, we can do something to contribute to our society. For example, make an awareness video 🙂 I enjoyed this class as it is not solely the common learning and teaching process. In here , we learned, we do and we applied. It is not only about getting A in the examination but also be able to acquire some knowledge in our life. There is no use if we get A only in the paper but we failed to applied this knowledge. It is a waste. I knew I’m not qualified to say such statement but that is how I perceived about learning and teaching. It is about gaining something and then try to share it to other people. Technology Education taught me that. v(^__^)v

Then, this class had a very very great lecturer and tutors. They were awesome ( ^ o ^ )Y. Thanks for being so helpful and wonderful for us. Really sorry for everything. I love the way they worked, they way they helped us, guided us and their patience if I could say. They also very helpful whenever we got some problem in the class and for our project. Always ready to answer our question, being so friendly too 🙂 Moreover, the best part we can also communicate in Malay even we are Tesl-ians. 😀 If it is not be like that, I do not how I am going to be in the class. I am the one who is very slow in learning and alhamdulillah the tutors ready to help. Thanks a lot, may Allah bless all of you. Aameen. From the first class until the final class, I really enjoyed it. Really except the blog that I found so hard to do when I have no idea to write. But after Dr.Rosseni told us about our marks, the spirit to do the reflection boost even it was too late then. Really sorry for everything 😦

Last but no least, this class was awesome and happening.But, I hope that this class will teach more sofware as some students do not have the chance to learn it in other places. That’s all from me , thank you.

Reflection – Week Fourteenth

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim



So, again. Late. I am really sorry, I do not know how the lecturer and the tutors will accept my apologize after lots of ‘reflection postpone/delaying’.

The real Edu Tech Day is actually on 20 of December 2013. Not the previous week. I really thought that the previous week was our Edu Tech Day and this week, we are going to have our 1 minute pitch. But, then, wrong again. The lesson here is please up-to-date with the tutors and lecturer.

This time, everybody enjoyed much because it was our last time being together. Everybody has worked hard for this, I mean the production of each video. terrible my English. >.<

To conclude all, for the first week until now, it had been some chaos 😀 , misundertanding and all those things that come around along the way. But, had came to the end. This class helped me a lot in learning simple but ‘sophisticated’ sofware such as Adobe Photoshop and Window Movie Maker. I was really, really enjoyed learning those things. Thanks a lot because include this lessons in our class. :’) I had made some video and picture/image/poster using the sofware I learned. But, honestly, the blog reflection somehow doesn’t catch my interest. I love blogging but may be because I used to blog just for fun and write personal things so I found it hard to do our individual reflection. Plus because we were using English >.< I know it was quite funny to say like that because the fact that I am a Tesl-ian. An English future -to-be, biidznillah. But seriously, when I started wrote my blog, in the half-way, I would get stucked. As a result, the reflection stay as draft.

But, after some time, after get lectured by Dr. Rosseni..I started to make it. Alhamdulillah, I can do it but still I have my doubt about writing the reflection. Can I actually convey my reflection to the readers? By my bad English. >.<

Am I being too honest?

So, this our video’s poster.


And this is my one-minute pitch video. If u still read and check our blog, a big apologize from me.

My vlog.


Reflection – Week Thirteen

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah, the day has come. The ” Edu Technovation Day”. After the hardship we go through all this time, we managed to produce our own video. It is not an easy thing, no. We also have to make a poster and redo our storyboard because of the changing. Alhamdulillah, Allah eased everything 🙂 So, all groups members were so excited and anxious to present our videos. Dr.Rosseni and all the tutors came and dress beautifully ( >.<) They looked great!

Alhamdulillah, the presentation ran smoothly. All of the team did a good job. Really. I was really amazed with some of the video’s team. They made it so nice and “real”. Subhanallah..what a good job they did. Then, Dr.Rosseni gave some comments to each group so we can improve it. A very constructive comment and some compliment. Thank you 🙂 The video also graded by all of members in the class including lecturer and tutors. Alhamdulillah ala kulli’ hal, even our team did not get really good grade/percentage but I think all of our hardship pay off. Moreover, we still can improve it before the submission day.

We had so many things arose nearly at last time ,problems and  miscommunication  not only with the tutors and lecturer but within our team as well. Honestly, it make me realised that communication is important. We also need to be positive and tolerate with each members to achieve our goal. But, but..the most important and precious moment is when the relationship between the members’ team became closed ^_____^ Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah..


So, finally after the very important day, we have to focus on our one minute pitch speech. I am still not really clear about this speech. We are going to do it individually and it will be recorded..yay..I hate that (>.<) enough for the video! *do not take it seriously* From now, I shall make a very brief draft for my speech. 🙂

Reflection – Week Twelve

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

I should start with an apologize. Big apologize to Dr.Rosseni and all the tutors for my procrastination and laziness. 😦

Okay, I should started with what happen in this week class. So, Dr. Rosseni told us about our overall performance related to our individual reflection. She did tell us about our overall marks. Now, I know that each reflection consist of 3 mark. So, my mark??? let not answer it  (>.<)

Actually, as I remembered that at the earliest class, Dr. Rosseni already told us how important the individual reflection is. But, still I’m doing the same things. (>.<) So, by now, I think it is quite far to get good grade.. this is like a ‘bomb explosion’. The time has come to take this thing as a serious matter, not only  the video production ( we’re too busying focus with it ) but also our blog and individual reflection. Not to forget our final examination.

After some talk from Dr.Rosseni, the tutors take place to check our video progression. Each of the video’s groups being watched and commented by Mr.Helmi, Mr.Fuad and Sis Ana. We expected to have our presentation that day but then it was only inspection from the tutors. It is already week twelve but there is a lot of thing to do. Now, I realise how hard and difficult to make a video,it is not only shooting but editing plus creativity is needed. Alhamdulillah, we work as a group. If not, I do not think I can do it by myself. It is not going to be video but turn to be something else. (>.<) With so many people in a group, we can exchange idea and give task according our skills.

It is important to have people to comment our work so we know how far have we go. Also, to improve our work to be better. 🙂


             DO IT NOW . 

Reflection – Week Eleventh

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim

Hi everyone!

First of all, I would like to apologize to my lecturer and tutors in the class for taking so long just to write a reflection after class.

So, at this week, we learned how to make poster using adobe photoshop. I really like to learn something creative like this but because I have problem to catch the lesson fast so it was quite stress. I have to ask the tutors and my classmate a few times  because of my slowness in learning. There are some part that I missed and I was thinking not to ask more to avoid the tension.. >.<

By learning this, I was managed to make a not-so-good poster but I still liked it. For me, we can use this skill in the school if we become teacher in future, InsyaAllah to make a very good poster for certain activity. For example, poster for English drama or in learning and teaching  process itself because for me who is visual learner, I was interested  more to image  and graphic.

I hope that they going to teach the  skill to use adobe photoshop  next time in future but may be the time should be long than the previous and I hope  that we have more activity on it because after the class, I tried to make one but unfortunately there are some tools I did not know how to use and found some trouble even I refer to the guideline ( I wrote the steps for using adobe in the class) and there was nobody to ask that time.

By the way, my product from the Adobe Photoshop Class. 🙂


Reflection – Week Tenth

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim


Okay, we were told that we’re going to have our pre-presentation in week tenth. It is not only pre-presentation but also our “midterm” !. This is my first time having a midterm even it comes with different way ; presentation. So, our group had been discussed together to plan what we’re going to do and how should we present it. The motive for this midterm to know our progress in the video production.

So, when the day came, all groups presented their work. Some of them come up with great ideas such as obesity and interview issues. Our group intend to do something with relationship. Not just an ordinary relationship but  a relationship between man and woman in islam.  At early class, we decided to bring an issue about friendship but after some discussion we changed it to relationship in Islam.

We try to raise an issue about the awareness about ikhtilat which means free mixing with sexes. This is the issue we would like to share so everyone do not take it lightly.

After we presented ours, Dr.Rosseni gave some comments. So do Mr. Helmi. Some change need to be done and most important is it is time to focus with our video production as three week left before the “Edu Technovation Day”. For the newbie ( in video production) like us, I find it hard to acting naturally like the other students. Most of my classmates act naturally  ( ^__^)v . I adore them. But I was more interested in the video editing..

I enjoyed the class so far but I just still not feel contented. For me, learning is not solely a learning but it is a gain for knowledge. Not only to get a grade marks but to learn and apply it. It is a must skill that every person in the 21 century should has. For me, who is not exposed for that kind of software and technology, it is been so enjoyable to learn it in class. Alhamdulillah. It might be a kind of weirdness of how I do not know all those “techno things” as I was this Y Generation. This what proved to us that exposure is important. 😀


Finally, I should say Alhamdulillah for the smooth presentation and InsyaAllah, we’ll do our best to improve our video. Thanks to all. ❤